What We Believe

Our church has adopted the Doctrinal Statement of the Missionary Association of America

We share these orthodox views of most Christians:
  • The trinity of God
  • The virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ
  • The verbal inspiration of the Scriptures
  • The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ
  • The return of Christ
We share these historic principles with most Baptists:
  • Salvation by grace through faith alone
  • Believer's baptism by immersion
  • The eternal security of the believer
  • The priesthood of the believer
  • Religious liberty for all
  • The separation of church and state
We share these principles with BMA churches:
  • The church is the unit of cooperation.
  • The church is autonomous, cooperating voluntarily and directly choosing all the officers, directors, and missionaries of the association.
  • The church is respected, cooperating equally with the same number of voting representatives as the other churches, regardless of the size of church membership or financial contributions.
  • The church is primary; the association only exists to expedite the ministries of the church.
  • The ordinances of the church are given prominence.
  • Baptism is an act of obedience, not an optional preference, for each believer.
  • Baptism is related to the church; therefore, the church must be scriptural for its baptism to be scriptural.
  • The Lord's Supper is a memorial to be observed within the context of the church, the local assembly of baptized believers.
  • The mission of the church is strategic.
  • Each church should evangelize its local area.
  • Each church should join other churches in sending missionary personnel to other areas in the United States as well as every country on earth.


AFFILIATIONS -Information about the associations with which we are affiliated.

HISTORY -A brief account of the history of our church.